When I was traveling and teaching seminars to different students, I would often ask the question, “If you could describe Tango, and what it means to you in one word, what would that word be?” I received many answers:

Romance, seduction, sensuality, were on the top of many lists, but the answers were very diverse, as mathematics was one answer I received. Tango can mean many things, different for each individual. I find being able to form a connection with another person, it could be romantic, caring, comforting, or an exchange of deep feelings towards some

one, regardless it is letting oneself be lost in each other for those 2-3 minutes that entices me.

The connection was once expressed as an exchange of small angels fluttering back and forth between the couple. A deep soulful connection is what I long for. Here is to finding one for all who walk through our doors.


Lori Burton-Kassin