Shouldn’t we as dancers represent our dance, on, off and near the dance floor? I believe we should.  Not only cherishing our presence, but the tradition and the culture we are striving to mirror. At a traditional Milonga there is a co

de of ethics we follow when pursuing our partners for the night. First there is the invitation. It may seem subtle, but it is liberating, and allows all the comfort of choice while not hurting anyone’s pride with rejection. That is the cabeco. This is when from our seat we scan the room for our Tanda choice. Ah, there he, or she is. We then boldly glance at our target, and wait for them to glance back. We then gesture with our head towards the dance floor. If the response is a smile, and acknowledgement, we may choose to meet half way or gallantly offer an escort to the floor. How lovely and freeing a choice can be. No one gets hurt, disappointed or angry when the glance is not returned, we never know if the person saw us or decided to ignore the glance for the moment. When we are sitting talking with someone or enjoying a small sip of wine or nibbling on an appetizer, it is just disheartening when someone interrupts us, even if it is kindly by offering their arm.  We are all here to dance and enjoy the evening, let’s make it the best it can be by considering everyone’s pleasure with respect and consideration.
We care about your dancing enjoyment at Argentine Tango Detroit
Lori Burton-Kassin