It seems interesting that there is no road rage on the dance floor. At least we have held our tempers in check, but the complaints are many.
When we glide across the floor in dancers bliss, we must still pull our immersion in each other apart slightly to pay attention to our surroundings. There is a code to follow when traveling down the dancers highway. We must all go in the same direction at all times. That is counter to the great clock on the wall. It is also the same as a crowded highway. Try to stay behind the couple in front of you at a polite distance, only pass on the left, and do not sit still in traffic, unless you come equipped with emergency lights. If you are always bumping into people, please realize it is not their fault and take your eyes from the floor, to pay attention and avoid problems. This is a gentle tip that will get you many more pleasant reactions to your tour around the floor.
“It Takes You To Tango”
Lori Burton-Kassin