This seems logical if you are passionate about Argentine Tango. You would want to learn about the history, the music, the culture, you would want to consume everything and anything about the dance that has captured your soul. That is only the obvious, there are so many depths and layers to unfold that it has been 20 years of return visits full of new discoveries and wonders that keep bringing me back.

There is something about stepping into the vast array of Milongas , Practicas, Matinees and experiencing the ambiance and codes. From dancing with the experienced elderly Tangueros that have spent most of their lives dancing Tango, to the professional young dancers looking to break into the scene. Each bringing their special character and charm to share.

The classes taught to the locals are offered before most Milongas and can be found at many locations at almost any hour of the day. The classes are taught by instructors with genuine knowledge, especially if you know where to look. Rather than what is taught for export.

The value of the dollar is another matter to consider when you walk into the many locations to purchase your Tango shoes or clothing. Many feel the euphoria of the shopping spree that is hard to discover anywhere else in the world.

There have been so many different experiences and encounters I would have to write a book to describe, but they can only be found in the motherland of the dance and country I am drawn to.