I am often asked to teach embellishments, which are normally the expressive foot or leg movements used by the dancer to express an interpretation of a musical element felt in a moment between the couple and the music.

There are many beautiful and elegant drawings we can create with our feet, kicks and jumps we can seamlessly do while our partner pauses and gives us the space and time to demonstrate our artistry, but without the proper ingredients they can look like a fish out of water.

So when would those magical moments occur? Certainly I may do a quick slight enhancement anytime I hear or feel I have a chance, but I may not linger unless there are ample signs and enticements.

My partner may pause and give me space or hold a position, which would indicate an invitation to express myself with some artwork. He may even try to lead me into an exaggerated version, but this may be felt as more of an imposition.

Truthfully the embellishment should be a movement that is an individual expression of the music, the couple, and the moment. It should be done spontaneously, and
seamlessly. It should be something that feels personal and right for your body and your level.