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Club Style Cha Cha

Monday's @ 7:00 Unlike ballroom cha-cha, Club Style Cha cha is done to Latin club music. Club Style Cha Cha has a more relaxed frame. Even though the timing is the same between the two kinds of Cha’s, Club-Cha Cha is more relaxed and sensual. Get ready to expand your Latin dance repertoire through Club [...]

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Ballroom, Lindy Hop, Swing & Social

7:00 Beginner Ballroom w/ Amanda 8:00 Lindy Hop-Swing Beginner w/ Josiah 9:00 Open Practice Social $3 or included with class Learn the elegant Ballroom Dance Styles Everything from Foxtrot to Cha Cha. The dances you will do for weddings, cruises and just social fun!! No partner needed. Instructor Josiah   Instructor/Owner Amanda

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