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We are excited to announce DJ Neeraj Korde will be visiting Argentine Tango Detroit TONIGHT!!!!


Cleaning up close embrace dancing: this entails people to get on their own balance, getting the right amount of connection, fixing the step too early syndrome, and other things. Great for beginners and intermediate dancers.

9pm-2am Milonga-Open Dancing DJ Neeraj Korde

Class $15
Milonga Open Dance $10

Neeraj Korde, hailing from NYC, has been dancing Tango nearly a decade and a half. After starting at the University of Michigan, he moved to Seattle where he learnt mostly from Jaimes Friedgen of the 8th Style school of tango and began DJing and teaching. Later he moved to San Francisco and taught in and around the Bay area for 8 years. He ran Mission Tango (a sister school of the 8th Style School of Tango) in SF, a unique practice environment for advanced dancers to sharpen their skills. He partnered and performed with many local dancers and teachers. His teaching style is deeply influenced by the styles of Jaimes Friedgen (effectiveness) and Luciana Valle (analytical clarity). After all these years, Neeraj is still an avid student of tango; he gets excited to learn anything new he spots in a video or on the floor. He won’t hesitate to ‘Can you do that again?’ a stranger at a practica. His love and knowledge of Tango is overflowing and he will generously give it away to serious students of the dance.


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