Choosing A Good Instructor

Many times people have asked for an opinion, and many times they have not. I have seen the results from both. As an instructor of over 30 plus years, let’s say more than I would like to admit to at this time in my life, I have come to many conclusions about this matter. The [...]

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Why I Travel To Argentina To Dance Tango

This seems logical if you are passionate about Argentine Tango. You would want to learn about the history, the music, the culture, you would want to consume everything and anything about the dance that has captured your soul. That is only the obvious, there are so many depths and layers to unfold that it has [...]

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What Is Tanda Etiquette?

What Is Tanda Etiquette? Let us first understand what a Tanda is in terms of it’s significance at a Milonga. The Tanda is a group of musical pieces, normally three or four, played together, which are of similar timing, structure, and most often from the same orchestra. The DJ plays the music in these sets [...]

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When To Embellish

I am often asked to teach embellishments, which are normally the expressive foot or leg movements used by the dancer to express an interpretation of a musical element felt in a moment between the couple and the music. There are many beautiful and elegant drawings we can create with our feet, kicks and jumps we [...]

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Dancing To The Music

Dancing To The Music There has been a lot said lately about dancing to the music. In Tango we have many options, and that can cause some people great trepidation. The main thing is to listen to and peruse a great library of orchestras so you know and understand the music. The more subtleties you [...]

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What Happened To Tango

What Happened To Tango I have watched the dance I love, and have given up so much for become something different, something for me, watered down, sometimes something I don’t recognize. I will never forget that first year I went to Buenos Aires, 1994. Things were so different then. The Culture, the ambiance, the codes [...]

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Teaching On The Dance Floor

Teaching On The Dance Floor As a dance instructor with well over 25 years of experience I have seen so many people come and go from the dance community that I really thought had the passion to last. One of the main factors I would contribute to their demise or frustration has been the seemingly [...]

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Are You Ready For The Holiday Season?

Are you ready for the holiday season? Friday Nov. 8th Pre-Holiday Milonga-Open Dance 7:00 Club Style Latin w/ Yelena 8:00 Beginner Argentine Tango w/Lori 9:00 Milonga-Open Dance featuring DJ Mike Nyberg SAVE THE DATES THANKSGIVING PARTY: Nov 29th CHRISTMAS PARTY:  Dec 20th NEW YEARS EVE PARTY: Dec 31ST Please sign the card for Danny. Full Newsletter >

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