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Join Us In Welcoming Maxi Copello and Raquel Makow For Workshops and more
Maxi Copello and Raquel Makow have been dancing together since June of 2015. They met in the milonga Salon Canning in Buenos Aires and had undeniable chemistry when dancing together. They both share a common passion for tango and together use their dancing as a means to express themselves and their emotions.
Maxi Copello, is not only a tango dancer and professor, but also an innovator in the artistic world of Tango. Tango became apart of his life from the very start as Maxi Copello grew up in a household rich with Argentine tango and Argentine folklore. His grandparents were musicians of Argentine folklore and his father Carlos Copello, is one of the most well-know and prominent Argentine tango dancers, who participated in a number of notorious tango shows and movies. At age 18, when Maxi entered university to study cinema, he also began studying and dancing tango. The two arts, cinema and tango, always went hand in hand in his 16 year career as a tango dancer. Maxi has been the director of a tango movie, producer of tango stage shows and dancer in international tango shows.

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