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Please welcome maestro Diego Santana to our wonderful community at Argentine Tango Detroit! Diego comes to us from Uruguay 🇺🇾 by way of Miami! His love and joy for tango translates into his beautiful embrace and the connection he offers his partners. With almost two decades as a teacher, performer, DJ and a judge in many tango competitions (see his full bio below) Diego has a multi-faceted perspective to draw from. His exceptional understanding of the music and generous teaching will offer something to the seasoned student as well as the novice!

Diego will be joining us for our Milonga Suave on Friday night where he and Amanda will be treating us to a special performance!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we will be celebrating all that this dance brings us-connection, musicality, creative expression. Take this time to reboot your tango for the New Year!


Friday 11/29


GIROS en Sacadas: Do you want to understand more about the technique behind sacadas? This class will cover essentials needed to master sacadas and giros. A perfect class for all levels.


Saturday 11/30


Milonga Interpretation: Learn simple
and essential exercises to understand and express the musicality of Milonga. A fun and inspiring class for all.

To register for group classes please call Amanda: 586-254-0560



Please join Diego for private sessions throughout the weekend. These times are expected to fill up quickly as we have many of his students here claiming spots. Don’t hesitate to register for classes and for privates now!

To book a private session or for any questions regarding privates, please call Megan: 248-514-9533

We look forward to seeing you!

Argentine Tango Detroit

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