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Beginner Tango Argentino

A great day to start learning Tango or perfecting your skills! 1:00 Advanced Tango 2:00 Beginner Tango 3:00 Practice

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Hip Hop Sexy Heels Dance Class

7:00 Hip Hop w/ Dionne 8:00 Sexy Heels-->Find and bring out your inner sexy body language & body control. sexy hip hop. main focus is to gain confidence so you can be comfortable in your own body no matter the shape and size. All music will be slow tempo so you can really get into [...]

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Kids Ballroom Open House FREE

Its a great chance to let your child discover the wonderful world of Ballroom & Latin Dancing! ATD is offering weekly group classes and private instruction. No prior dance experience is necessary! Dance is an exciting way for children to develop important social skills that lead to success both at school and throughout their lives. [...]

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Beginner Tango Argentino

1:00 Advanced Tango 2:00 Beginner Tango 3:00 After glow 4:00 Acting 101   A great day to get started in your journey of Tango with US Champions

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Kids Hip Hop, Milonga, & Vals

3:00 Kids Hip Hop Lesson with Dionne   Dance the upbeat argentinian dances you will love! 5:00 Milonga 6:00 Tango Vals

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Bachata & Mambo on 2

STOP Watching others dance and enjoy doing it! ☺️ Come and try our “Club Style Bachata and Mambo" for 4 weeks on Tuesdays at 6:00pm 1st Class starts on November 27! With guess who?!?👀 Nally Vélez.... yes!!! She is so excited to be back and ready to rock the dance floor with you!!!! Do you [...]

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Club Style Cha Cha

Monday's @ 7:00 Unlike ballroom cha-cha, Club Style Cha cha is done to Latin club music. Club Style Cha Cha has a more relaxed frame. Even though the timing is the same between the two kinds of Cha’s, Club-Cha Cha is more relaxed and sensual. Get ready to expand your Latin dance repertoire through Club [...]

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Tango Milonga & Vals

Learn the energetic dance styles taught at ATD 5:00 Milonga 6:00 Tango Vals   Walk-in classes

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Hip Hop Dance

Join an upbeat ,fun, & knowledgeable  Hip hop class with Dionne! 3:00-4:00

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Argentine Tango- Beginner & Advance

1:00pm Advanced Argentine Tango 2:00pm Beginner Argentine Tango 3:00pm Open Practice A great day to get started or advance in learning the Argentine Tango with USA Champs!

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