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ATD 2016 Christmas Wonderland Milonga

ATD Presents: 2016 Christmas Wonderland Milonga DEC 16th, 2016 Spend your holiday with your tango family. There is so much to celebrate and many surprises to share!!! 7:00 Club Style Latin / 8:00 Salsa II w/ Yelena 8:00 Argentine Tango w/ Daniel y Amanda 9:00 Christmas Wonderland Milonga BASH - MILONGA - OPEN DANCE DJ MIKE NYBERG

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What Is Tanda Etiquette?

What Is Tanda Etiquette? Let us first understand what a Tanda is in terms of it’s significance at a Milonga. The Tanda is a group of musical pieces, normally three or four, played together, which are of similar timing, structure, and most often from the same orchestra. The DJ plays the music in these sets [...]

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