Argentine Tango Detroit

ATD Studio History

With the assistance of some of her students, who pitched in on building projects like installing the dance floor, Lori was eventually able to open a dance studio devoted to the Argentine Tango.

Since then, the studio has flourished and maintains its focus on the Argentine Tango while also offering instruction and studio space for other types of dance.

History of the Argentine Tango

ATD Studio Front The Argentine Tango is arguably, the most creative and romantic couples dance of all time. Since there are no set patterns for the dance, even beginning dancers can create their own interpretations of the dance, by combining simple movements in unique ways. (There is a ballroom version of the tango that does follow set patterns.)

Tango music and dance evolved from the mixture of Spanish, Indigenous, and African cultures that converged in Buenos Aires in the late 19th century. It was originally a social dance of the lower classes, but it was later adopted all the social classes.

The popularity of the dance spread worldwide, most notably before the great depression, with a renewed interest in the 40's and 50's (the 'golden age' of tango), and now once again in the last few decades.

Currently there are communities of tango dancers in most major cities around the world. One of the greatest pleasures of learning the dance is visiting other dance communities.